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The NH Driver Education Fund is a public-private partnership with fundraising and donations from the private sector. It funds full or partial scholarships to NH students needing financial assistance to complete their driver education. This fund helps ensure that NH has educated drivers and safe roads.

How many hours of supervised driving do I need before testing for a license?

Besides a driver education program, the State requires a 16 or 17 year old applicant to have a minimum of forty (40) hours of additional supervised driving practice with a validly licensed parent, guardian, or other responsible person who is over the age of 25, to be completed before being allowed to test for a driver’s license.

What should my application letter include?

This letter should describe your reason for applying and how it would benefit you, and explain why you need this assistance, including financial, work, family, and social factors. It should also include details about you as a person, such as interests, goals, etc.

What should my caregiver's letter include?

This letter should be a testimonial of why the applicant is worthy to receive this financial assistance from the applicant's caregiver (parent/guardian/etc.). This letter should also acknowledge the completion of the state-required supervised driving requirement.

NH Driver Education Fund Stakeholders


NH Division of Motor Vehicles


The New Hampshire Division of Motor Vehicles (NH DMV) is a state agency responsible for the administration of vehicle and driver services in New Hampshire. 


NH Auto Dealers Association


The New Hampshire Automobile Dealers Association (NHADA) is a statewide trade association, representing the interests of the motor vehicle industry.


NH Driver Ed. Teachers Association


The NH Driver Education Teachers Association is a certified 501(c)(3) representing driver ed. teachers in NH.


NH Commission for Human Rights


We are a state agency established by RSA 354-A for the purpose of enforcement of the anti-discrimination laws in NH.

- Ahni Malachi, Executive Director

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